Frack! EPA Voices Concerns About Hydraulic Fracturing


The Environmental Protection Agency says that New York should set limits to the amount of radiation that can be in fracking wastewater before the drilling starts, according to The Associated Press [via The Wall Street Journal].

The EPA announcement comes just as the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation decides how to regulate the highly polemic fracking process.

The procedure basically uses thousands of gallons of water, sand, and industrial chemicals to break underground rock formations, releasing gas.

Many oppose fracking, saying that it pollutes drinking water.

The FDA wants the state to set limits to the amount of radioactive particles present in fracking wastewater. The agency also wants New York to provide the public an online map of active gas wells, the AP notes.

New York is home to the “gas-rich” Marcellus shale formation, according to Reuters. In the next few months, officials will iron out the final rules that could finalize the end of the fracking ban.