Jay-Z And Beyonce: The Height Of Gall?


As you know, megastars Jay-Z and Beyoncé spent $1.3 million to turn six rooms at Lenox Hill Hospital into two luxury suites so Beyoncé could pop out her baby in some real style.

That’s fine. If you’ve got money and want to spend it, be my guest.

Just don’t act like your wealth makes you above the law, or beyond humanity and good sense.

The Z’s ran into trouble when a Brooklyn man claimed the couple’s guards prevented other people from getting to wards, waiting rooms, and even hallways in the hospital.

If Beyoncé’s having a baby, I guess no one else can! (Or if they do, you can’t visit them.)

If the accusation is true, this is the most galling development since Beyoncé announced she was going to remake A Star Is Born!

And it’s on a level with Alec Baldwin‘s diva tantrum on an airplane when those horrible Nazis asked him to turn off his cell phone.

Has celebrity entitlement gotten more annoyingly entitled than ever?

I’ll discuss it on Brian Lehrer‘s WNYC show this morning at 11:45.

I’m entitled!