Jeremiah Moss Eulogizes Ray’s Pizza


A day in the life of Jeremiah Moss, the writer behind the blog Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York, is outlined in the Paris Review Daily. In the profile, Moss pays a visit to the original Ray’s Pizza on the last day it’s open and laments the decline of the ever-gentrifying neighborhood. (A new pizza place has already opened in its place.) “Little Italy is shrinking like a sandbar at high tide,” he writes. “Just outside, people obediently go for cupcakes, exiting with heads bowed, eyes glued to iPhones, thumbing reviews to Yelp.”

It’s a great read of yet another vanishing neighborhood through the eyes of someone who has tracked it all. Another choice line: “Back outside, saggy-pants boys on the corner cheer for a trio of pirates, who go sailing past on bicycles tricked out in cardboard schooners. Halloween? Or just hipsters?”