Angelina Admits To “Complete Emotional Breakdown”


No, not out of residual guilt over Jennifer Aniston.

And not over the pressure of mothering 350 kids and counting.

It was over the pressure of being a movie director!

Ange’s new film, In the Land of Blood and Honey, is about a Serbian soldier getting it on with a Bosnian woman.

As she tells Marie Claire:

“I had a complete emotional breakdown in the shower and Brad found me crying.

“I felt this huge responsibility and I felt very small.

“Who am I to take this on?”

Wait a minute! Who is this Brad person who finds her in the shower??? Security!

“I didn’t plan to become a director,” Angelina adds, “and I still have trouble saying I’m a director.

“I just wanted to tell this story and I ended up by default being the director.”

End of breakdown.

On to the Golden Globes.