Scientology on the High Seas: L. Ron Hubbard Frets Over His Sexy Crew


In November we started a new feature here on Fridays: the Voice has obtained hundreds of copies of L. Ron Hubbard’s previously unpublished “Orders of the Day,” which he gave to crew members as he sailed the Mediterranean. Our documents cover the period from late 1968 through 1971, and this time we’re looking at what was happening the week of January 8 through 14 during those years.

After the jump, LRH is grumpy about all his frisky crew members…

[Confused? Go here for our primer, “What is Scientology?” For recent controversies in the church, check out our stories on Debbie Cook, secrets of the Super Power Building, and spying on Tom Cruise. We know these 40-year-old ship’s documents aren’t for everyone, but they’ve been giving us some interesting insights into the mind of Hubbard as he ran Scientology from a yacht in the Mediterranean. Check back here often for more breaking news about the church.]


January 13: 183 crew are reported on board; LRH is in an overboarding mood, but he also happily announces new additions to the Scientology family.


Starboard Watch is assigned Non-Existence for slowness in coming to Fire Drill on 9 Jan 69 and treating it as a joke.

The F/MAA is to discover who in Starboard considers drills a joke and throw the joker or jokers overboard, which is a very big joke in this cool weather and cold water


Two babies were born tonight: 9:00 — Boy, 6 1/2 lbs; 9:04 — Girl, 5 1/2 lbs to IRENE and BILL.

Mother and babies doing very well after a very swift and easy delivery.

Dr. Zosimas officiated at the Corfu Clinic where Irene and the babies are.

Bill Howey is assigned a condition of Breathlessness for failing to “bill and drill” the birthing of the new twins. He is fined cigars and cigarettes for the crew.


January 14: The Commodore isn’t happy about frisky crew members, who are engaging in “2D” — that is, they’re fornicating. But a lot else seems to be bugging him, too.


As data comes in and I have had enough look to figure this out, the following can be made as a clear cut statement:

1. The ship is in Danger condition because to get any major target completed I have had to hammer and pound and by-pass. Thus the ship condition is correct.

2. Every major target I have so far handled has had bugs in it; it has been fouled up in some way. Example: On Greek Corporation the local lawyers reports were not verified, nothing was pushed and the corporation was dead filed in Athens after being reported complete. On the safety cert the Ships Rep was letting people believe the ship was not classified as a yacht (which it is) and was trying to get a complete ship survey instead of a letter saying ship’s safety equipment was okay. In an old target to take care of Las Palmas storage bill, Lola Rossouw falsely stated it was being pad, incorrectly assuming a monthly withdrawal on a bank statement was it which wasn’t, the goods thereby being about to be sold.

3. The major targets are not understood as those things which MUST be done in order to sail or operate at all.

4. False reports were coming out of Div 7 and the engineers.

5. Div 4 had not even submitted POs to FP to get vital work done months overdue.

6. A fast check of crew discovered they do not know the org board and all SS IIs on the ship are false reports.

7. The Ships Org Book is not known generally.

8. Floods of unreal targets have been set as cross orders, all as “FOs” but by others.

9. Excessive 2D on the part of a few has caused enturbulation.

Thus we see that the situation is composed of:

1. Non Compliance
2. Fale Reports
3. Failures to doggedly follow through one action and get it done fully and completely.
4. Distractions leading to 3..

Thus we get a new term – SPECTATOR.

Spectatorism is very great in our modern society.

Because some people cannot conceive of causing anything they just watch it. They don’t do anything. They are not PARTICIPANTS. They are spectators.

You see this in magazines. Hee hee hee articles abot how odd this is or that is. No understanding of it. It’s just odd and one watches it in a detached sort of way.

Below this is somebody who doesn’t even notice. Such a person has to come up scale just to be a spectator.

An unfinished cycle of action comes about because
(a) The importance of it is not grasped
(b) The cycle itself is not fully understood.
(c) Non compliance and false reports are given as a method of self-protection wherein are hopes it will not be noticed.

What we need are more PARTICIPANTS, more team mates.

You belong to the SO or you don’t. If you do you’re at cause over the various situations.

So we define an SO Member the way you do an OT — At cause over Life, Thought, Matter, Energy, Space, Time and Form.

The degree you can be cause in handling the targets and needs of the group determines right away how far you’ve come up the line.

Blaming case is effect, isn’t it?

Sex is effect, isn’t it?

I don’t care what your grade is, you are alive. Your true ability depends on the degree you can exercise the definition of OT over your post in forwarding the purposes of the group.

You are actually insulting yourself to insist that I personally make whatever advances are made on vital actions of the group.

If what you are trying to do doesn’t happen its a poor comment on your OTism.



January 8: LRH doesn’t like reporters. Wonder why?


An International hard news story is about to come off in this port. Nothing to do with us. But reporters will be all over the place and our rat guards are not very effective.

A “Hard news Story” means a staged or actual event as different than a statement by someone.

As this particular staged event is not very newsworthy really and as we are lately in the news on our effort to hit at the UK Parliament, the reporters would probably use us to justify their being here.

Policy is to avoid hard news stories. Don’t get mixed up in International events like revolutios or International PR efforts.

Therefore, although all is cool, we’ll slide down the coast long before the event and say here lengthily another day.

DDT kills flies. What de-verminates reporters?

So we sail the 11th.

Hey, the reporter wh painted up the Dekki Le Moate scene in DK is rumored to have been sacked! Maybe his paper had good sense after all.

Holland is apparently also under control on this I hear.


January 9: Anyone know what the “Le Moate affair” was?


Two more days remain in which to break the SO Contract. Strauss, van Wert and the Fullertons are the ones to go now.

The Flag Field Officer Wayne Alkire has the conditions of departure.

We are too busy to give further attention to downstats.

Orgs should be warned. The Le Moate affair was rough on Paris and DK only because they weren’t fully warned she was a psychotic. Although why they reached for it is a bit of a mystery.

There’s an old principle involved — experiential track.

I have nothing against these people. Orgs are in the pc business, not Flag. We are in the management and OT business. Handling purely pcs here in these high velocity areas of top command introduces the flow at the wrong point. The purely pc flow enters at lower org levels. It is our job to put orgs there that can handle such cases.

Sooner or later orgs will have to acquire and start running an institutional annex. It is too hard on them handling psychotics without these facilities.

A psychotic is in a Condition of Treason on the first dynamic and extends it to the third and fourth with covert destruction. This isn’t because anyone else declared the condition. It just happens to be a fact. Being in treason on the first dynamic doesn’t always mean covert destruction on the other dynamics.

Unhappy people, unhappy subject.


That sure seems like an ominous and prophetic observation by the Commodore: “Sooner or later orgs will have to acquire and start running an institutional annex. It is too hard on them handling psychotics without these facilities.” Maybe if he’d done something about it, Lisa McPherson might still be alive.

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