The Kardashians Are Krashing, According To The Post


The trapdoor has opened up and they’re falling into the abyss of showbiz footnotes, where they’ll no doubt join Topo Gigio and KC and the Sunshine Band.

Says the article, public sentiment has turned against the kulty klan, especially since Kim’s marriage barely lasted longer than the Merman/Borgnine union and people feel a little bit had.

Suddenly a magazine cover with a Kredit-Kardashian on the cover has as much chance of selling as a BlackBerry.

Their TV ratings are slipping faster than Kim’s lingerie after midnight.

And some promoters want to pay them not to attend their parties.

“Everything the reality family touches turns absolutely toxic,” claims the Post, citing various inside sources (who are still talking about them, so it’s possible they’re not that over).

But the family is showing more class than ever.

Just this week, Khloe Kardashian waged a valiant Internet battle to prove that the late Robert Kardashian was indeed her biological father, despite wrongheaded rumors.

How noble it must have felt to demand that people acknowledge that her father was the man who covered for O.J. and even helped get him off!

Bye, Kardashes.