Words With Friends Saved a Life


Remember all the hubbub when poor Alec Baldwin was so rudely interrupted while playing Words With Friends by a meanie-mean flight attendent, and then hauled off the plane, to the media’s amusement? He now has health justification for his behavior — Words With Friends saves lives. Simon and Georgie Fletcher, an Australian couple, had a long-distance “Words With Friends” relationship with Beth and Larry Legler in Montana. One day Simon was playing against Beth when, in a side convo, he said he wasn’t feeling well. Beth told her husband Larry, who happens to be a doctor, and Larry recommended Simon get to a hospital stat!

Turns out, Simon was a letter away from a heart attack.

“I’ve gotta buy that man a beer, he saved my life,” Fletcher told OzarksFirst. “I’d really like to put my arms around him and give him a big squeeze.”

Now everyone’s happy and healthy and will be friends forever, thanks be to Words With Friends, the game with the heart of gold. Of course, Simon might have just gone on Web MD and diagnosed himself, or maybe gone to his own real life doctor, but that’s besides the point. These are the anecdotes of our times.

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