Cruise Ship Runs Aground In Italy; Imam Sentenced in JFK Terror Plot; Bloomberg Bets Cheesecake On Giants Game


A cruise ship ran aground off the coast of Italy near the island Giglio Friday night, killing three and leaving 69 missing. The ship “hit an obstacle” that tore a 160 foot gash in the ship, according to a coast guard official. Occurring around dinner time, one woman said she heard a “scraping noise” while watching a magic show with her husband. Survivors reported disorganization and chaos as the evacuation effort got underway. “Have you seen ‘Titanic?’ That’s exactly what it was,” one woman said. The ship, which photos show turned on its side, carried about 3,200 passengers and 1,000 crew members. [CNN, WP]

Imam Kareem Ibrahim received a sentence of life in prison Friday. Ibrahim, a Trinidadian imam, was convicted in May as a conspirator in a terrorist plot to target fuel tanks and a pipeline at John F. Kennedy International Airport. [NYT, FBI]

A 12-year-old girl was killed after she was hit by a minivan at Delancey Street and Clinton Street Friday afternoon. [NY1]

Mayor Bloomberg is embroiled in a bet over a football game. Well, the stakes aren’t that high. In preparation for the Giants’ National Football Conference Championship Game Sunday against the Packers, Bloomberg put a Junior’s cheesecake and salsa from the Brooklyn Salsa Company on the line. Those goodies are what Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt will get if the Packers win. If the Giants win, we get some cheese curds and Sno-Cap Root Beer. [NY1]

Speaking of football, the New York Times tries to answer the question, “What, exactly, is it about Tim Tebow that so fascinates and provokes us?” [NYT]

And, in case you forgot, it’s winter and it’s going to feel like it today. The Weather Channel predicts a 35 degree high. [TWC]