One-Legged Millionaire Convicted Of Assault With Rolex


File this under things that would make good Law & Order episodes and/or Bravo TV shows: The New York Post reports that one-legged millionaire Thomas Hartmann was convicted Friday of assaulting Sophia Kandelaki with the Rolex on his wrist on the Upper East Side. On the stand Kandelaki described herself as a “gunpoint kidnapping survivor, a reality star hopeful, a stripper, a private shopper, a vegan chef, a singer, a composer and an expert in ‘deep, inner tantric massage.'” Did you get all that?

The incident occurred last April outside the restaurant Baraonda on Second Avenue after a “dancing-on-the-table-party.” (We thought these type of parties were just spontaneous and only happened in movies — apparently they are not an uncommon occurrence for the setting, according to the place’s New York Magazine listing.) Kandelaki said the blows were unprompted. Hartmann claims the slug was an accident that occurred after he “lost his balance on his prosthetic leg when [Kandelaki] reached in his pants for his giant wad of cash.”

The jury sided with Kandelaki. One juror called her “an interesting character.” Oh, will someone put this woman on a reality show already.

Meanwhile, the story of Hartmann’s missing leg and his money is also salacious. The former construction worker got his millions after he lost his leg when a police officer in a patrol car — trying to catch Hartmann for harassing his then-wife — ran him over.

This guy’s record is not what you’d call sparkling. The Daily News reports that he has served time for crimes including stealing multiple cars and stabbing a man in the face.

[via Gothamist]