Questions Surround Fallen Billboard On BQE


A day after a billboard came down on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in high winds between Meeker and Metropolitan Avenues, there are lingering questions about the structure.

NY1 reports that the Department of Buildings officials said that advertisements in that spot are prohibited. If the billboard was within 200 feet of the highway with an ad it would be illegal, NBC New York explained. Blank billboards are okay in that context.

We have put in a call with the Department of Buildings for more information.

Meanwhile, the Daily News is citing FDNY Assistant Chief Ronald Spadafora who said officials are looking into how the billboard was affixed into position onto a roof on Meeker Ave.

“The bolts to that tower are evidently ripped, loosened, ripped by the fall,” he told the Daily News.

As of the Daily News‘ publication time at 10:48 a.m., one lane of traffic was still blocked. We are waiting to hear back from the Department of Transportation as to the current status of the road.