NYPD Should Beware Of Bank Robbers Tomorrow


The New York Daily News is reporting that the NYPD has warned its ranks about what the paper describes as “‘Oceans 11’-style burglary gangs” who want to rob banks when they are closed for holidays — as they will be tomorrow for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Apparently, it’s prime time for burglars to get together and plan heists. But what if they are actually Ocean’s Twelve-style robbers? Or Ocean’s Thirteen guys?

According to the Daily News:

The bulletin warns that sophisticated crews, who rely on look-outs and monitor police frequencies, use torches and drills to cut through walls, roofs and even tunnel through neighboring buildings to access the bank vault.

We wonder if these “gangs” actually fancy themselves as wannabe Clooneys and Pitts. Or, maybe they are more old-fashioned, and would rather be Sinatras and Martins.

DCPI had no comment.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that it is a holiday! Banks will be closed, and so will post offices, city offices and public schools. Also, no garbage collection.