Swastikas Found In Midwood Neighborhood Of Brooklyn


A week after midtown storefronts were vandalized with swastikas, there are reports of more of the symbols being found in Brooklyn over the weekend in Midwood. DCPI told Runnin’ Scared they are is being investigated as “possible bias incidents”

According to NBC New York, a large black swastika, two smaller black swastikas and the words “Die Jews” were discovered at 423 Avenue L, a private driveway. Still more were found at 1293 East 5th Street and Ocean Parkway and Avenue L on the Yeshiva of Brooklyn building.

Council Member David Greenfield said there is an “epidemic of swastikas in New York City” as he stood in front of the yeshiva, the Yeshiva World News reported.

Midwood is no stranger to anti-Semitic activity. In November, subway sign reading “Avenue J” was made to read “Avenue Jew.” Just this month, Midwood saw a series of attacks against Orthodox Jews.

Meanwhile, other areas in Brooklyn are also seeing occurrences of these type of crimes. On Thursday, another swastika was discovered in the elevator of a public housing development in Williamsburg. Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz responded to that incident with a statement saying:

Brooklyn is home to the largest Jewish population outside of Israel, so it’s particularly upsetting that we are still seeing reprehensible incidents of hatred and intolerance like the anti-Semitic vandalism in Williamsburg, including a swastika discovered this week at Kent Village Housing.

Police said the current Midwood investigation is ongoing.