A Baby Was Born on a PATH Train Yesterday


A baby boy was born on a PATH train en route to Manhattan yesterday, allowing for all sorts of hilarious “express train” jokes from the dailies. Rabita Sarkar and her husband, Aditya Saurabh, New Jersey residents, hadn’t expected the baby for another two weeks, but, as they say, the baby waits for no train. The couple had been on the way to the doctor to check on Sarkar’s “false” labor pains, which, as it turned out, were quite real — and they hadn’t wanted to take a car lest their baby be born in it. So they took the train instead.

Trains are roomier than cars, if less private. But they’re also full of wise, wonderful people who know about having babies! The New York Post reports:

The couple, both software engineers, boarded the train at 9:49 a.m. at Journal Square station in Jersey City. Before the train made its second stop at the Newport station, the baby was ready to make an exit.

“The other people on the train were really helpful,” Sarkar said. “There was an old lady who told us what to do, because we had no idea.”

Another passenger gave up his jacket to cover the mother.

After Sarkar delivered, the train went express to 33rd Street. That’s how you get places, people. Unless, of course, you’re taking a cab.

The baby, according to the Daily News, has been nicknamed Jhatpat,” the Hindi word for “Fast.”

All’s well that ends well, though we still wouldn’t suggest trying any of this on your own subway line. Kudos to the old lady, who deserves “midwife of trains” accreditation.

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