A Question About The Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Crash


I’ve always turned down cruise-ship trips — even free ones — because I hate water and am always sure I’ll turn green from the seasickness, not to mention the abject boredom.

I also hate the feeling of being trapped — even if it’s on a luxury liner — and have never considered a form of transportation to be a leisure activity in itself.

(I.e., I’ve never entertained thoughts like, “Gee, I’d love to fly in a plane, just for the fun of it!” — and certainly not a subway.)

Plus I don’t want to be stuck with all sorts of pushy strangers and subjected to weird shipboard entertainment and questionable buffets that might not be to my middlebrow liking.

But with the horrible Costa Concordia crash, this brings up all new questions.

Even if you do love these types of excursions, and let’s say you can afford them:

Would you think twice before boarding such a thing now?

Might you just fly to your destination instead (or just cancel the whole thing)?

And how creepy is it that a Carnival cruise commercial aired right before the local news report breaking the story?