Did Paula Deen’s Diet Cause Her Diabetes?


This article delves into the possibilities, wondering, “How can bacon-doughnut egg burgers possibly be good for you?”

Damned if I know, chomp slurp chomp!

But the piece goes on to to note that experts say someone’s diet doesn’t directly lead to diabetes.

The main factors for getting the disease are genetics, being overweight, and lack of exercise. (Plus the older you get, the more you’re at risk. Deen is 64.)

Still, don’t bacon-doughnut-egg burgers lead to being overweight, which happens to be a major factor for diabetes?

Yes, but as Deen told the Today show, “I have aways encouraged moderation.”

Me too! I down my bacon-doughnut-egg burgers with Diet Coke!

And I hold the pickle!

But how’s this for moderation:

Deen just told Parade she will never use a substitute for butter.

As she explains:

“Margarine is one molecule away from eating plastic. If I’m going to eat that type of food, it’s going to be the real deal. There is a good chance that I can cut down on the amount of butter now that I’m aware, but will I cut butter out of my life completely? No. I will take measurements to manage it.”

Same here. Butter for sex only!