Madonna Is Sizzling Hot Again!


Madonna has done the impossible.

Just by sticking it out, playing the game, and being simultaneously fabulous and appalling, she’s made herself buzz-able again.

Among her strokes of genius:

*The annoying but hugely watched fashion-line promo video with the daughter, which some slow-witted observers refused to see as satirical. (Did they ever find the face of Material Girl, by the way? I never got a callback.)

*The remarks about Gaga. (Madonna admires her talent, but felt “Born This Way” was “reductive.” You can bitch about that critique all you want, but we all said the same thing when it came out.)

*The upcoming Super Bowl appearance and the buzz she’s managed to create about the surprise twist. (She’ll sing “Born This Way”?)

*Working that movie of hers like a madwoman, appearing on talk shows, doing red carpets, and even copping a Golden Globe for the song, as if the bad reviews never happened!

*Her remarks when she won, which sent Elton John’s man into a public venting spiral, not to mention her pretentious affirmation of her own love of international auteurs.

*Her continual entreaties for us to reject ideas that Wallis Simpson was a racist gold digger with Nazi ties and to instead think about what she sacrificed on the road to world disdain!

*And let’s not forget Hydrangea-gate!

Oh, yes, you doubters and naysayers. Madge is on fire again.

I just hope she can get some good product out there to cash in on that.