My Favorite New Channel Is Filled With Blood, Murder, And Susan Lucci


I like it just as much as my other favorite relatively new channel I told you about.

This one is Investigation Discovery (ID) — it’s 23 on my dial — and it fills the void left by truTV not showing Forensic Files as much as they used to, for some reason that should be illegal.

I live for tales of horrid misdeeds, especially when the culprits leave tell-tale clues that lead to them getting the maximum jail time.

And ID teems with these horrible miscreants, as chided by grim-looking hosts (including my favorite, a lady who looks like an angry leprechaun).

The shows include winners like Deadly Women, Hostage: Do or Die, Homicide Hunter, Disappeared, Scorned: Love Kills, and of course the ever popular Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets.

The programming is laced with memorable wisdoms like “All I remember about her is that she was crazy” and “You don’t bring a gun to a marshmallow roast.”

I also loved the Texas socialite who survived being shot in the breast by her crazed ex-husband because she had silicone implants that caused the bullet to ricochet!

And she only had those implants because her crazed ex-husband had ordered her to get them!

If you don’t get this channel for some reason, kill to get it.

PS: Susan Lucci is going to host a show on the channel! It just got even better!