OWS Protesters Have Varying Political Views: Report


Wall Street occupiers have spent months protesting without a concrete place where they can put down roots, after getting kicked out of Zuccotti Park, the Spanish-language daily reports.

Now, some plan on demonstrating on foot and bringing their battle to November’s elections, according to El Diario. Others, however, still don’t want to get involved in politics.

“Four months have passed and we’re still here, even though they want us to stop,” said Mark Bray, an OWS spokesman who remembers the first days of the occupation as if they were yesterday.

In public, the occupiers say that they don’t support any candidate — because they want to be on the margin of the “electoral farce,” the tabloid says.

But in practice, many say that they will vote for President Barack Obama in November, to prevent a Republican from getting into the White House.

Others continue to reject U.S. politics, the newspaper notes.

“We don’t help any politicians because we think that there are other paths to obtain the changes that we are looking for,” Jason Amadi, of OWS, tells the daily.