Pregnancy and Boozing Are a Bad Mix: Study


File this under “parenting tips for selfish jackasses who should never, ever have children.”

A new study has found — get ready — that drinking during pregnancy is still really bad for the developing fetus, according to U.S. News & World Report.

The new research confirms what most people already seemed to know — that drinking during pregnancy is a stupid, stupid idea, because it can leave babies with a host of abnormalities called “fetal alcohol syndrome” — and suggests that the worst possible time for moms-to-be to booze it up is in the first trimester.

“Study authors also stressed that their research illustrates there is no safe amount of drinking during pregnancy, since the amount of drinking that produced these features in infants varied from woman to woman,” the magazine reports.

Now, if you’re the type of mom who’s still unconvinced (you know who you are … you’re wearing a maternity-sized Southern Comfort shirt and smoking a coke-rimmed Parliament while talking about the pains of motherhood … shame on you!), the numbers seem pretty daunting.

As little as one drink a day over the average amount during this stage of pregnancy can lead to a 12 to 25 percent increased risk of physical abnormalities, the magazine writes.