An Opossum Took the D Train the Other Day


Add this to your list of animals, exotic and banal, from turtle to rat to chicken to pigeon to naked human, sighted on the subway: the New York Times reports that an opossum was noted aboard a D train en route to Manhattan at 4:30 a.m. last Friday, a/k/a, Friday the 13th. The Times puts it as only the Times can:

The intrepid marsupial, which had apparently boarded after the train departed from its Coney Island terminus, had curled up beneath a seat, comfortably close to a radiator, as the train rattled through the wilds of Brooklyn.

An opossum?! On the subway?! But why? Where was it going, and why so early (or late, depending on the opossum’s perspective)? Was this a party opossum, or a professional opossum on the way to an early shift?

According to an animal expert referred to for opossum behavioral norms, opossums are nomadic and though they like trees, this one might have took to the subway for warmth or food. (There are no trees on the subway.)

In any case, cops attempted to kick the opossum off the train at West Fourth Street, where the opossum was not having it, and the train was eventually brought to a subway yard in the Bronx where the opossum was removed. Which is only fair — you just can’t abide by a fare-beating opossum.

No word on where the opossum is now, but we hope he’s employing the roving opossum motto: “Another day, another train.” Life is too short to walk.

Seen It All on Subway? Look Under This Seat [NYT].