Gigantic New Gay Dance Club Opening Next Week!


I was one of the first people to write about the Out NYC, the 127-room gay resort hotel that’s been planned for West 42nd Street for several gay years now.

I have no idea when that thing is going to finally open, but who cares?

I hear the dance club that’s part of the complex is opening on January 27!

And it puts the “gi” back in “gigunda.”

The place (located at 512 West 42nd Street) is called xl, and it supposedly fits 1,200, so get there early, lol.

From what I’d seen, it’s going to be sleek and shiny and high-tech and jazzy, despite the lower-case lettering.

Seasoned promoters John Blair, Tony Fornabaio, and Brandon Voss are involved in this thumping enterprise.

And starting Thursday, February 2, Susanne Bartsch and Kenny Kenny are doing a weekly party there, drawing their own nutty crowd of circus escapees.

Yes, the Footloose years are officially over in NYC.

It’s legal and even psychologically safe to take to the dance floor — for hours at a time.