Gingrich: Subway-Loving City Dwellers Have Ruined America!


Did you know that you’re an unpatriotic prick if you ride the subway, rent a high-rise apartment, or work for a newspaper (read: live in New York)?

Newt Gingrich, who wants to be the president(!), apparently thinks so, and had no problem making public his seeming hatred of urbanites at a recent National Association of Home Builders meeting in South Carolina, according to the Wall Street Journal (via Wonkette).

There, he tried to court suburban voters by speaking out against policies that might make home ownership more difficult. He also took the opportunity to lash out against city dwellers, who he alleges are on an “anti-home” ticket.

“Those who, you know, live in high-rise apartment buildings writing for fancy newspapers in the middle of town after they ride the metro, who don’t understand that for most Americans the ability to buy a home, to have their own property, to have a sense of belonging is one of the greatest achievements of their life, and it makes them feel like they are good solid citizens.”

No, Mr. Gingrich, we don’t understand: how many people who work at a newspaper can really afford to live in a high rise?