Lady M’s Green Tea Mille Feuille


If you happen to be dining at Ushiwakamaru, that below-the-sidewalk sushi lair on West Houston Street, you may notice many things: The fish is fresh, the space is clean and inviting, the service is warm and informed. What you may overlook, however, is dessert. For that you’d be remiss. Ushiwakamaru has a half-dozen dessert options, but you should focus on two, a grapefruit jelly served in a half grapefruit shell and the Lady M’s Green Tea Mille Feuille.

There’s no time to count the number of layers of this classic French pastry when your dining partner gets a whiff of the sweet, subtle tea scent. It’s guaranteed their knee-jerk reaction will be to aim their fork at your plate. However, it is almost possible to tick them off as your fork glides through, gently breaking each paper-thin crepe with a barely audible “pfft” and portioning off the matcha-flavored cream between them. This is the time to use all five senses to “taste” your food.

If you can’t get to Ushiwakamaru yet for an omakase or à la carte meal (get the monkfish liver), don’t worry — there are other places to get this heavenly cake. Pop by the Lady M Confections Upper East Side boutique for a bite, or order one online to get it delivered to your door. Just don’t ask them to leave it on your doorstep. You’ve all seen that Friends episode right? Where they eat the cheesecake off the floor?