No Wikipedia Today In Protest!


You may have noticed that there’s no way to go to Wikipedia today and do all your convenient research.

That’s because they’ve yanked the site for 24 hours in protest over the possible passing of SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act.

The Wiki folks say that if passed, the act “would seriously damage the free and open internet, including Wikipedia.”

Translation, please?

Well, as someone on the gay gossip site posits:

“It’s the corporate world trying to control everything, including internet sites and what can be posted.

“It’s a ludicrous invasion of rights, all in the name of supposed copywright protection, which is bullshit.

“It’s an Orwellian attempt at control.”

And I’m so against Internet censorship that I even let the word “bullshit” get in there.

But a rep from the Center for Individual Freedom says the legislation is actually good because it “addresses the threat of foreign piracy and it’s unfortunate that so many opponents have resorted to inaccurate and flatly dishonest claims in an attempt to derail it.”

Eek. Should I have censored that?