Real Cheap Eats NYC Launches New Dishes to Feast on This Winter


Real Cheap Eats NYC, the blog devoted to the city’s delicious foods that also happen to be inexpensive, have launched their winter list of cheap eats, unearthing 22 new tasty treats to try when the temperature drops.

Such belly-warming fare includes champurrado, a Mexican hominy flour and chocolate-based beverage at Estrellita Poblana 3; tingly goat pepper soup at Festac Grill; Souper Soup at Sarge’s Delicatessen; and hot-and-sour sweet-potato noodles at Hot Kitchen, among many other treats.

What’s more, the blog will be launching a new mobile app come summer, meaning that cheap eating on the go will be easier than ever. Now, is it dinnertime yet?

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