These are hard times for capitalism—an erratic stock market, recessions at home, unrest abroad. But Here Arts Center continues to embrace the system, cheerfully exchanging its artistic products for small amounts of currency at Culturemart, its annual chance to flog new works. Call it “The Wealth of Stages.” Here’s Soho space opens for a variety of performances in various media, provided by resident artists. Highlights of this year’s festival, which runs from today to February 11, include Aaron Landsman’s City Council Meeting, which combines documentary drama with participatory theater; The Strangest by Betty Shamieh, a counter-reading of Albert Camus; and Keep Your Electric Eye on Me, by Shaun Irons, Lauren Petty, and Mei-Yin Ng, which concerns a woman living adrift on a defunct satellite equipped with a live video feed.

Tue., Jan. 24, 8:30 p.m., 2012