Bruce Springsteen’s New Single, And Four Other Songs That Might Show Up On Pazz & Jop 2012


Last night at midnight—just like the old days!—the new single from Bruce Springsteen, “We Take Care Of Our Own,” premiered on the radio—just like the, oh, you know. The song, taken from Springsteen’s forthcoming Wrecking Ball (out March 6), is a slow-build, string-spangled anthem that belies the Boss’s recent time spent hanging around the Arcade Fire, while also . Call it “The Girls In The Suburbs‘ Clothes,” maybe?

Bruce Springsteen, “We Take Care Of Our Own”

Here are a few other songs that came out in the last few days that might show up somewhere on next year’s Pazz & Jop singles chart. It’s never too early to make your own running tally of Important Songs From The Year, after all!

Azealia Banks, “NEEDSUMLUV”

The canniest way to follow up an out-of-nowhere top-ten Pazz & Jop placing? A breathy, sexy track that samples Aaliyah. (This track even dropped Monday, the late Timbaland muse’s birthday.) Please, Universal Music Group, don’t fuck this up.

Santigold, “Big Mouth”

Not sure returning after a long hiatus with a dis track is the best move, but I’m sure this comeback single by the shape-shifting Santi will be licensed to at least four Vevo pre-roll ads, thus placing its yelping hook in the firmament by late spring.

Estelle, “Thank You”

Speaking of people who celebrated birthdays this week, am I wrong for getting a very strong Sade vibe from the new single by Estelle? The male “yeahs” on the chorus temper it a bit, but the British singer’s voice sounds richer here, as if it was infused with multiple listens to Diamond Life.

Sleigh Bells, “Comeback Kid”

I am a self-admitted sucker for this band. But they just do everything right—skyscraper-sized tracks, sweet singsong vocals, instantly memorable choruses. February 21, when Reign Of Terror finally hits, can’t come soon enough.