Gangsters Love Scarface, ‘Tough Life’


Today in El Diario, that newspaper at your bodega you always wondered about…

Two recent crimes involving Scarface have left many wondering whether the gangster world is nostalgic about the movie, the Spanish-language daily reports.

During the Jan. 6 robbery of a Bronx bodega, one of the two suspects was wearing a jacket with “Scarface” written on the back, El Diario reports.

In another incident, Ceferino Perez –now facing drug trafficking charges — had a giant poster of Tony Montana (the main character of the movie) at his home, but had replaced Montana’s face with a photo of Perez’ face, the tabloid notes.

The 1983 Brian De Palma movie tells the tale of an exiled Cuban who becomes a drug kingpin, similar to The Godfather.

Both have since become associated with violent groups — especially in New York.

Lillian Jimenez, executive director of the Latino Educational Media Center, assured that only a small number of people actually idolize Montana and Vito Corleone.

“I think they’re pretty much fringe groups — the ones identifying with Scarface. Young people love this movie and love the ‘tough life’ culture,” she told the paper.

“Both impoverished Latin American youth and impoverished North American youth might follow this culture. This is also related to groups associated with gangs or anti-social behavior, who’d do anything to make money,” she told a reporter.