Hong Kong Breakfast at Coluck


Just what you want with your breakfast — a hot dog!

Starting in the German city of Frankfurt am Main, hot dogs have certainly wormed their way all over the globe, but who would’ve guessed they’d become so popular in Hong Kong?

Indeed, along with Spam, they’re something of a favorite meat. According to one blogger, they form a sort of holy trinity of snack foods there, along with pizza and burgers.

But, removed from the American context of bun and mustard (or, alternately, bun, ketchup, and pickle relish), anything can happen. In the vernacular cheap-food cafés in Hong Kong, that includes putting a weenie almost anywhere.

In this case, it’s a typical Western breakfast at Coluck, in Manhattan’s Chinatown. The tea, eggs, buttered toast, and fries (one of your options at a diner here, even if less desirable than home fries or hash browns) look completely normal, till the frankfurter descends like a blimp from space.

It’s just a normal supermarket hot dog, pink and garlicky. Yet it somehow makes the entire breakfast seem new … and strange. And, it’s bargain-priced at $3.75.

16 Elizabeth Street

It’s your luck to land at Coluck for breakfast.