Manhattan Has the Most Hipsters, According to Not Very Scientific Survey


According to an important statistical analysis of New York City’s hipster makeup, you may be incorrect if you’ve held to the common perception that Brooklyn is New York’s hipster-est borough. In fact, the survey suggests that there may be significantly more hipsters in…Manhattan. WTF, survey?

Well, about this survey, conducted by Priceonomics. It relies on some assumptions. Among these assumptions: Hipsters are people who ride fixed gear bikes. The more used fixed gear bikes for sale in a neighborhood indicates a higher hipster quotient. Manhattan had nearly twice the fixies for sale as Brooklyn (even though there were more bikes for sale overall in the outer nabe). Ergo, THERE ARE MORE HIPSTERS IN MANHATTAN. Why are we not all flocking to Staten Island?

Meanwhile, compared to the entire nation of fixed gear bikes for sale, Orange fucking County had the most, while New York came in at 31. Hipsters? Orange County?

Still, as Racked points out, “Maybe fixed gear bikes don’t actually correspond with hipsterness, which, after all, is a pretty vague concept to begin with. Or maybe the places with the most fixies for sale are simply the places where the most people are trying to get rid of their bikes, rather than riding them around.”

Whatever, it’s too cold to ride your bike right now. Wear a fedora instead.

Manhattan Breeds More Hipsters Than Brooklyn [Fucked in Park Slope via Racked via Priceonomics]