Melvin’s Juice Box: Juiceheads Get Their Fix in Soho


There was a time when juicing was associated with pumped-up dudes on steroids, muscles oozing out of their tank tops and veins popping out of their foreheads. Sammy Sosa. The Jersey Shore. Not anymore. With the prevalence of juice fasts, and bottles of green liquid replacing the ubiquitous giant coffee cups, the term has taken on a whole new meaning.

There are many options for getting your liquid fix. Whether it’s a stop at one of the many Organic Avenue outposts or the Juice Press, or One Lucky Duck, the list goes on and on. But if you want your juice created by a guy with a serious cult following, you’ll have to head over to the brand-spanking-new Miss Lily’s-adjacent juice bar, Melvin’s Juice Box, on Houston Street.

Melvin Major is the chronically happy guy who used to work the counter at Sixth Avenue organic grocer Lifethyme, where he cultivated a pretty steady stream of regular customers. Where he goes, they go. Spend a little time at Mr. Major’s new gig and you’ll notice that he knows the name, and order, of more than a few people who roll through.

If you can juice it, they have it, and the informed staff seems happy to recommend their favorite if you can’t decide. And what a decision it is, with at least 20 options, including the pictured So Good.

Although juice and smoothies are the focus of this convivial corner spot, there’s food to be had as well. Those who choose to chew their lunch will find options including Jamaican-style patties stuffed with beef, chicken, or a callaloo-potato combination ($5); a jerk-chicken sandwich ($10); curried goat ($16); and pepper shrimp ($10).

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