New York City Airports Are the Best at Being the Worst


We win! Once again, you guys! New York City airports are liked by few but used by many, which makes them generally problematic to all. According to Frommer’s, and they know from travel, JFK is the worst of the worst, with La Guardia and Newark (which is, apparently, “dull” — isn’t that actually sort of good in an airport?) not doing too much better. Why so much airport haterade? Well…

All three major New York City airports are on this list, in large part because they’re run by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, a hideously mismanaged money sink that does a poor job of responding to air travelers’ needs.

Frommers doesn’t hate La Guardia personally, but writes, “it was recently rated the worst major airport in America by both JD Power and Associates and Zagat Survey, so who am I to argue?” Also, there’s that “dull” word again.

As for JFK, they don’t hold back:

Terminal 3 is known for endless immigration lines in a dank basement, for an utter lack of food and shopping options, three crowded and confusing entry points, hallways that could have been designed by M.C Escher and for vomiting international travelers out onto an underground sidewalk with no cabs available. There’s also a sense that the cleaning crew gave up in despair a while ago.

You had us at “vomiting international travelers,” Frommer’s. Dammit. We forgot our passport.