Obama in City Tonight, Don’t Bother Leaving Your Office or Apartment


The President is coming to town to fundraise this evening, so plan on being stuck wherever you are right now (sucks if you’re at work), since commuting is kinda impossible when Obama visits.

Bus routes have been already changed, an MTA spokeswoman tells Runnin’ Scared. Nothing has been said about Obama-related subway delays so far, but if his previous visits can be any indication, subways might be sluggish timesucks if operational.

The MTA says it would post any info about changes to subway service.

@PE_Feeds, having noticed changes to bus routes and new no-parking signs, Tweeted that Obama’s visit is already being felt on the Upper East Side, where the Daily News reports that he will hang out with stars such as Spike Lee to get cash for his re-election.

Via @Lariar, @PE_Feeds found a POLITICO schedule indicating that Obama will be in town from 4:30-11:05 p.m.