The Biggest “Gut” Course I Ever Had! You?


Before you tell me yours, let me reveal what the easiest class I had in college was, way back in the Middle Ages.

It was such a breeze I barely had to even stay awake during it.

It was art history!

I’m not saying there isn’t a lot of intricacy and know-how involved in that subject, but I found the class a no-brainer, seeing as it mainly involved memorizing images and absorbing the backstories behind them, along with some knowledge of the trends they represented.

I found myself scoring really well on the tests and papers even though my only previous background in art history was attempting some Paint by Numbers landscapes and admiring Keane portraits on velvet.

Almost as easy was a Theater Arts class I had, where we sat around and simply talked about how to put on a production!

My term paper on how I would mount a revival of Thornton Wilder‘s Our Town was such a “gut” process that I almost felt like I was jerking off all over Grover’s Corners.

Getting a credit for passing that class with honors brought on a weird sensation of guilt, almost as if I had stolen something from the university, but on reflection I felt I’d earned it, having sat through impossibly tough bouts of Contemporary Civilization and Humanities (not to mention being thrown into the pool my first week on campus).

And what was your gut?

Class, that is.