The Men Of Magic Mike: Who’s The Hottest?


Get ready for the 2012 release of a male-stripper movie filled with disrobing studlets!

It’s Steven Soderbergh‘s Magic Mike, based on the ecdysiastical travails of movieland stud Channing Tatum when he was in his teens.

This was before stardom forced him to put some (but not all) of his clothes back on.

I guess Channing is too old to play himself, so like Chelsea Handler in her sitcom, he’s playing his own sister. I mean, he’s playing the kid’s mentor.

Playing the character based on Channing is British actor Alex Pettyfer (above), who’s no slouch in the looks department himself.

I have no idea which of them are stripping in the film and how far down, but while we’re waiting to find out, here are the other men of Magic Mike: