The Most Hyped TV Show In History!


There were commercials for it all through the Golden Globes, and two of the presenters were stars from the show.

Every Broadway site has large wraparound ads for it on the homepage.

The trade magazines are brimming with ads and articles about it.

Step into a cab and the promos are on the TV screen the second you sit down.

Step out of it and there’s an ad for it staring at you from the top of the vehicle.

And take the subway instead and there are gigantic ads everywhere you look.

(En route to the Times Square shuttle, it’s wall-to-wall, including on the poles!)

NBC is really pushing Smash, praying it lives up to its title and saves the world.

It’s the imminent series that centers on the making of a Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe, and from the promo budget alone, it’s already angling to revive network television, Broadway, and Marilyn herself, while launching and relaunching more careers than Hollywood Squares.

There’s no escaping it any more than you can go a day without hearing a Chinese menu slide under your door.

In fact, as I cracked that joke, I just happened to glance at my TV and saw another commercial for Smash!

Will the hard sell work?

I don’t know, but just to make sure there’s no overkill, I ran a photo of a Japanese boy band with the same name.