Watch the Last 100 Years of New York City Subway Maps


Today in subway porn we have a beautiful depiction of the ebb and flow and changing formats of the New York City subway map over the years. The only thing better than watching the map come of age to the inspirationally epic music in the video created by Gizmodo’s Matt Toder back in December (Bowery Boogie reminded us of it today) would be actually holding one of those early 1900s parchments in our hands. Though, probably, we’d accidentally tear it or spill coffee on it and then get sued, so this is really better, anyway.

And, yes, we know we are transportation nerds, but isn’t there a certain frisson of delight that comes at the end, when the subway map is as familiar as an old friend frenemy? Either that or we have Stockholm Syndrome.

Fun fact: Once upon a time, the train lines all started in Brooklyn. Watch the video here.

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100 Years Later: The Evolution of the NYC Subway Map [Gizmodo via Bowery Boogie]