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Ghost The Musical Gives Me a Sneak Peek


I arrived at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre last night for the promised taste of Ghost The Musical — based on the hit 1990 movie about the potter, the potted plant, and the pot smoker — and immediately scooped up a pretty blue drink sitting on a tray.

“That’s the Unchained Melody,” explained the bartender.


“It’s made with Ghost vodka,” he added.


I opted for a lovely little cup of Sierra Mist instead (while waiting for my Newsies nectar with a hint of Rebecca the Musical razzleberry drizzle and a slice of Leap of Faith lime).

And then the creators sat us down and soberly presented excerpts and testimonials.

They said Judi Dench saw the show three times in London — and not because she was vying for the Whoopi Goldberg part.

They swore that even Andrew Lloyd Webber went nuts over the show — and he doesn’t even make any money off it.

And the numbers?

Well, the lead guy is a young Robbie Williams type with a hot body and cute facial expressions.

The girl — who was in Hair — is a real belter. One day she’ll be a judge on The Voice, that’s for sure.

And the woman who did get the Whoopi role was a riot, telling us that last year her agent called her to say, “You’re going to London.” “For what?” she exclaimed.

Co-songwriter Dave Stewart, of Eurythmics fame, also addressed the assembled, admitting, “I’m not used to theater. When people say ‘ We’ll meet at 10,’ I keep turning up at 10 o’clock at night!”

But one thing he does like about this new venture:

“All that Ghost vodka in the hotel room!”