FOOD ARCHIVES Could Be a Good Restaurant Name…if You Owned the Domain Name


There’s a certain art to creating a good restaurant name. You might want to go for a cheeky pun, like A Salt and Battery or the Soy Luck Club. Maybe you want to name it after the chef, taking the route of Daniel or David Burke Kitchen. Location is another way — just look at Eleven Madison Park or 10 Downing. Really, the possibilities are endless for naming a new restaurant, which is why it’s so perplexing that the name of a casual, new Upper East Side Japanese restaurant is (1570 Second Avenue, 212-650-0299). Now, it would be quite a clever name if they actually owned the domain, but, nope, they don’t.

The website for is actually, referring back to their address. The real, meanwhile, is mostly an online shop where you can purchase sushi-related items like bamboo mats and sushi cookbooks. There’s also a header that notes, “To inquire about advertising on or to inquire about this domain name, you may send an email to:,” implying that it’s basically a moneymaker for people who go to thinking it’s their favorite sushi spot.

Which goes back to the question, why not just name yourself You’ll then at least be able to drive traffic back to your own website and not someone else’s. And honestly, isn’t all that much worse of a name than

What makes this whole naming situation even funnier is that there are multiple, unrelated restaurants called One’s in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and its domain name is, and there’s another in Spokane, Washington, that uses the domain And in Dublin, Ohio, there’s a, although it was wise enough to snag the domain