The MTA Wants to Know About Your Subway Crush


In preparation for a Valentine’s Day event (a “Love-in-Transit Party,” to be specific), at which the New York Times‘ Alan Feuer will read poems based on Missed Connections and Sophie Blackall of Missed Connections illustration fame will sign copies of her book, the gossip-hungry MTA is seeking tales of your transit romance. “Did you find love on a bus? Feel your heart race on a subway? Make shy eye contact on the evening commuter train?” Get in touch and tell them! If you did anything more graphic, obscene, or animalistic, tell us!

The MTA writes that any stories you share may be presented at the event on February 14 at the New York Transit Museum. If you share your story with us, however, we promise to be amused by it in private and only if it is really, really juicy, to publish it.

We’ve gotten in touch with the MTA for more information — since when have they been so interested in our love lives? — but they are currently busy “preparing to deploy a fleet of snow and ice-busting equipment to keep outdoor tracks and the third rail clear of snow,” including “super-powered snow throwers, jet-powered snow-blowers, and specially-built de-icing cars, all designed to keep service moving.” Because being stranded for 8 hours on a stuck train is no way to find your “‘It’s Gonna Snow This Weekend!!!’ Boyfriend.”

Anyone out there know “safe breath” girl? This seems like it has potential, minus the fact that it’s January, not February. Minor details.