Arrow Removed From Stray Cat; Over 1,000 Dogs Rescued In China


This morning we bring you two stories of adorable animals saved from peril. First off, we have a Texan stray cat named Cupid. Cupid, an orange tabby, was shot with an arrow — hence his new name — but the arrow was not piercing any of his vital organs, and Cupid could get surgery to have it removed. Now Cupid is “purring and loving on anyone who will give him attention,” according to NBC. Aw, Cupid.

The doctor at the animal hospital where Cupid was operated on said that Cupid was targeted.

“This definitely wasn’t an accident, an orange cat doesn’t look like anything you might hunt for, luckily this kitty’s a tough one and came out okay,” Dr. Amanda Taylor of Brittmoore Animal Hospital.

Meanwhile, the Daily News brought our attention to another animal story with a happy ending out of China. A blogger and volunteer helped to save 1,137 dogs on their way to becoming dinners, China Daily reported. The dogs were in cages on a flatbed truck. Now housed in a warehouse, the dogs are in need of more volunteers to help care for them.

In unrelated animal news, today is Squirrel Appreciation Day. Tell the next squirrel you see that you love it.