Giants Fans Confused About Empire State Building Colors


Last night the Empire State Building was lit up in red and yellow, to the sports ignorant, that fact would seem not that big of a deal. But for Giants fans something in that color scheme was awry: red and gold are the colors of the San Francisco 49ers, the team that the Giants will play for the National Football Conference championship Sunday. But NY1 reports it was just a misunderstanding.

The building was actually lit in the offending color scheme in anticipation of the year of the dragon, which begins Monday, not in an affront to Giants fans.

In confusion, Giants fans took to message boards. One thread was titled “Empire State Building ….. Lit in 49er colors?? WHAT THE @*&#?” Comments in that thread and another included the following:

  • Time to paint the Golden Gate blue!
  • Apparently it’s because of the lunar new year (Chinese New Year) /
    Such poor timing
  • Some funny business going on with the empire state building tonight. I read that Tyree will be lighting it blue tonight but on my way home and being that I have a constant view of the building due to where I live (Edgewater, NJ area), I see the red and gold and not the blue. Not pleased about this at all! Defintiely funny business going on.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, a 49ers fan took pride in the coloration.

According to NY1, the Empire State Building will indeed be illuminated in Giants blue tonight and tomorrow night, but it’s back to red and yellow for Lunar New Year Monday.