Snow Day! What Are You Going to Do With Your Time?


You are probably aware that snow has come to New York City. Considering you can’t yet spend your snow days watching the city’s online map that will track when salt spreaders or plows went down city streets (if you’re intrigued you can watch Mayor Bloomberg discuss the tool at this morning’s press conference), you have to find some other ways to occupy your time. We’re aware of your predicament, and we’d like to help with some suggestions of things to do.

Go sledding.
There’s nothing like a snow day to make you revert back to your childlike instincts, which might involve barreling down a slope at top speed on a flimsy piece of plastic. (Just make sure you don’t take out any actual children when you engage in this.)

Take a stroll with your ‘It’s Going to Snow This Weekend!!!’ Boyfriend
Yesterday Runnin’ Scared told you how to find your ‘It’s Going to Snow This Weekend!!!’ boyfriend, so naturally you’ve probably found one already. If you haven’t, what have you been doing with your time? Go outside and do so now. (Or just go on the Internet: HowAboutWe has a bunch of people suggesting snow-themed dates.) Once you have him take a romantic stroll through quiet, snowy streets. It will be quaint. You will be happy. You will realize why it is really important to make sure that he doesn’t have cold hands and feet.

Try to avoid yellow snow.
The city’s pooches tend to make a visible mark on winter, so beware of where you step, sled and make snowballs. (This is really a warning rather than an activity suggestion.)

Stay inside.
Be warm. Curl up. Nap all day.

Well, there you have some options for how to make the most of the day. If you’re looking for some structured fun, the city Parks Department is hosting snow day activities at a site in each borough. According to their website:

Activities may include supervised safe sledding (there will be sleds available at each snow day site), snowman building contests, best snow angel contests, friendly snowball fights, music, and complimentary hot chocolate.

Enjoy the wintry goodness, because the National Weather Service is predicting a high of 54 degrees on Monday with rain, which means anything that might be beautiful today could very soon turn to disgusting slush.