Creamy Chocolate Martini at La Lanterna di Vittorio


The drink: Creamy Chocolate Martini

The bar: La Lanterna di Vittorio (129 MacDougal Street, 212-981-2731)

The price: $13.50

The ingredients: Vodka, creme de cacao, and Baileys

The buzz: Flavored martinis tend to suck. A lot. In fact, a useful comparison can be made to the kind of candy-like shots that people who don’t like alcohol drink to get drunk: Many a time, they taste like the cocktail equivalent of a “Redheaded Slut” (peach schnapps, Jägermeister, cranberry juice) or a “Baby Guinness” (Kahlua and Baileys).

At Lanterna, however, the creamy chocolate martini is a rare exception — and great to sip with a slice of tiramisu. More like a cocoa-accented Black Russian, the ice-cold concoction has a smooth, sweet punch, without being too syrupy.