Headless Body/Topless Bar Murderer Wants Out of Jail


Charles Dingle, now 53, the murderer behind the infamous New York Post headline “Headless Body in Topless Bar,” wants out of jail and will ask a parole panel to free him this week from the Wende Correctional Facility near Buffalo, reports the Post via the comparatively dull headline, “‘Headless Body in Topless Bar’ killer seeks release from prison.”

In 1983, Dingle committed the crime that spawned the headline(s) by killing Herbert Cummings, the owner of Herbie’s (topless) Bar in Jamaica, Queens. He then took four women hostage, raped one of them, and forced one of the hostages, who was a mortician, to remove the bullet from Cummings’ head and cut the head off with a steak knife.

The fun did not end. Dingle released two of the hostages but, with the other two (and Cummings’ head) drove around in a stolen gypsy cab which he eventually parked at Broadway and West 168th Street, where he fell asleep at the wheel. Crime sprees are exhausting.

After his hostages escaped and reported his multiple crimes (murder, kidnapping, rape, robbery), he was arrested and convicted. The headlines, obviously, ensued.

Apparently Dingle’s jail term has not been particularly peace-keeping, either, including assaults on prison staff and attempts to conceal deadly weapons. He’s already been denied parole twice.

Guess what — he blames the media.

Meanwhile, the author of the April 15, 1983 headline, Vincent A. Musetto, has said it’s not even his favorite, that honor going to “Granny Executed in Her Pink Pajamas.”