It’s All About Girl Power in NYC’s Wine and Spirits World


The wine and spirits world isn’t an old boys’ club anymore. As the New York Daily News reports, more and more women are getting behind the bar, creating beverage programs for some of New York’s top bars and restaurants.

In some respects, women have flourished because of a greater support network among female beverage pros. Yet Natalie Tapken, the wine director at Lure, explains that a woman’s nose works differently from a man’s: “It adds a whole new dimension. Women can pick up the same notes in a glass of wine as men do, but interpret them in a different way. From a basic biological level, we’re enhancing the industry.”

The story also profiles Mandy Oser, Carla Rzeszewski, Belinda Chang, and Laura Maniec, whose new Corkbuzz wine bar is definitely female-friendly, and who notes that the feminine touch is beneficial to any hospitality-industry business. Looks like ladies’ night is becoming ladies’ year.