“Shit Lana Del Rey Says” Sums Up 2012’s First Three Weeks On The Internet Better Than Probably Anything Else


Somehow my dislike of the “Shit [Stereotype] Says” video trendlet and my weariness regarding the endless circularity of any and all discussions regarding the backlashy pop starlet Lana Del Rey (album out next Tuesday, everybody!) made this video—inspired by what its creators, the Chicago comedy duo Seth and Kellen, are terming a “desperate attempt to go viral”—hilarious. The ridiculousness is what really makes the whole thing work as far as a satire of just what people will laugh at on the Internet these days, although truth be told a lot of my personal enjoyment is due to the infinite meanings of the single phrase “you wanna touch my blog.” Because, let’s face it, isn’t posting a “Shit [Caricatured Version Of Person I Actually Know In Real Life] Says” clip or a squib about a Lana Del Rey remix essentially the equivalent of asking one’s potential audience that very same question? Meta, man.