With Giants’ Win, Mike Bloomberg Doesn’t Have To Rename 49th Street


With all the excitement around the Giants beating the 49ers last night, what remains to be talked about is, perhaps, the most exciting news of all — 49th Street will remain 49th Street! That’s right, folks. Our news here today is that nothing is happening to 49th Street.

You see, our mayor recently made a friendly wager with the mayor of San Francisco: He said that if the Giants lost, 49th Street would be renamed 49ers Street. He also promised to send a dozen New York bagels from Bagel Oasis in Queens to San Francisco.

Just think of the greater impact this street renaming could have had on our wonderful city. Runnin’ Scared, scared by the mere possibility, googled 49th Street Manhattan to consider some of the places that would’ve been impacted by Bloomberg’s reckless bet. Hotels! American Girl! And wait, this is the worst — Magnolia Bakery! There are some Broadway theaters on that street, too.

Anyway, you probably care more about what we get out of all of this, so let’s get right to it. San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee will drape an iconic cable car with a Giants flag and will send SF’s favorite carb, sourdough, to New York City. (Bloomberg had said this in the press release sent out last week: “After Sunday, Niners fans will be left with a taste as sour as their famous bread, and the Giants will have their sights set on another trophy.”) Ouch!

In other electeds-talk-about-football news this morning, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took to Twitter last night to say congrats to the “New Jersey Giants”. This coming from the dude who recently said the Jets would win. Christie has also insisted that, if the Giants won the Super Bowl, the team should have a parade on his side of the Hudson River.

Regardless, Christie was confronted with some angry Twitter replies after his cheering of the Giants, including, “you wanted the jets you fat piece of garbage” and “didnt you root for the jets you fat worthless sack of human shit.” And this one here: “Calling them the New Jersey Giants will not make them NJ. You tried, you failed.”