Cheez-It Scrabble Junior — Just Don’t Try To Play Scrabble With It!


The import of this new snack variation is perhaps too clear … Damn! Couldn’t find a K.

One of the advantages of rarely shopping in supermarkets is that when you do, you run into all sorts of unbelievable new products, many simply knockoffs of already existing ones. No brand is sacred, it must be exploited in every possible way, no matter how loony. Now, Cheez-It joins the club.


The snack seems aimed at intellectuals and children, and there’s a game board on the back that encourages you to “play” using crackers.

Unfortunately, so many of them are malformed and broken, and so many missing, that you might go crazy if you try to use the crackers to actually play Scrabble or for some other literary use. I did, as I spent 20 minutes trying to get sufficient letters to spell out the message above. I’m not complaining, mind you, since the task was delicious fun. I did eventually find a Y, too, against all odds.

The sad thing is that the crackers as crackers are inferior to regular Cheez-Its. In order to take the letter stamp, the dough has been made stiffer or something, and the crackers with the letters on them seem more cardboardy and less flavorful than the usual crackers.

So why buy the Cheez-It Scrabble Juniors? To look brainy, of course.

Warning: Lots of broken or illegible ones

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