Rapping Train Conductor Plays His Heart Out on the Harmonica


Who said train conductors were mean, boring stickler-ish types shushing you in the quiet car, punching your tickets through a thinly disguised veneer of hatred, and kicking you off the train after you pee drunkenly in the vestibule? Train conductors are fun, too! Some of them are even sort of comedians. Like this guy in a video posted on YouTube yesterday. “I was born to be a clown,” he says, “but I found this job instead.” Indeed.

Contrary to the video’s title, this is not a police officer, but what appears to be either a Metro-North or LIRR train conductor. Note the hat. Anyone know him? There’s an open-mic night calling his name.

Rapping musically inclined train conductor, meet Frank Sinatra-singing construction worker. May there be jam sessions between ye.